Guitar & Bass
Fender Standard Strat$30.00
Fender Jazz Bass$30.00
Guitar Head& Cabs
Marshall JCM2000 DSL 50$50.00
With Marshall 1960a cab$80.00
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier$60.00
with Mesa Rectifier cab$100.00
Marshall 1960A 4×12 CAB$40.00
Combo Guitar Amplifiers
Fender Twin Reverb$50.00
Fender Hot Rod DeLuxe$40.00
Roland Jazz Chorus 120$40.00
Combo Bass Amplifiers
Yorkville Bass Master 400$40.00
Ampeg BA115HP$50.00
Bass Heads
Ampeg SVT450$60.00
with Ampeg SVT810E$125.00
Yorkville Bassmaster 800$60.00
with 1 cab (4×10 or 1×15)$80.00
with 2 cabs (4×10 and/or 1×15)$100.00
Bass Cabinets
Ampeg SVT810E$80.00
Ampeg BSE410HLF$40.00
Ampeg BXT115HL4$40.00
BLB R410$30.00
LP Congas$30.00
Ludwig or Gretch Maple$100.00
With full hardware and Cymbals$175.00
Pearl Session Series$60.00
With full hardware and Cymbals$100.00
Hi-Hats w/ Stand$30.00
16” w/ boom stand$20.00
18” w/ boom stand$20.00
Ride w/ boom stand$20.00
Cymbal Package (all 4)$75.00
Cymbal Package without Hardware$60.00
Hi-Hat Stand, Double Kick Pedal$15.00
Snare Stand, Boom Stand (INDIVIDUAL)$10.00
Throne, Single Kick Pedal (INDIVIDUAL)$10.00
Pkg – Pedal, Throne, Hi-Hat, Snare, & 2 booms$50.00